Location: Rwanda

Media acts as change agent on climate change impact
- Umuseke Information and Technology Ltd.

Umuseke published 12 articles as part of this grant, conducting interviews with communities in often isolated areas in Rwanda. Journalists looked at the challenges of biogas installation and highlighted the ways briquettes can be used as a sustainable alternative to firewood. Through their work, the media organisation became change agents in sensitising the public as well as local officials on the impact of climate change and how to mitigate its environmental consequences. Umuseke saw public interest in their website increase during the grant period, and journalists whose jobs had previously been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic were given a renewed motivation to embark on new reporting assignments.

Protecting sacred wetlands and giving farmers a voice
- Isango Star

Isango Star produced 12 stories across eight districts, highlighting the challenges and successes involved in the Nyabugogo catchment plan within the Nile basin. It also produced two stories on the effects of climate change on the aquatic population in Muhazi Lake. The stories covered a wide range of nuanced topics regarding water issues, such as monitoring the implementation of activities related to Nyabugogo flood control, the restoration and development of Gikondo Wetlands, the construction of a new Muhazi multipurpose dam and the creation of training programmes for local stakeholders and beneficiaries. The coverage enabled farmers to voice their concerns about the loss of aquatic life on Muhazi Lake and provided support for them in rebuilding farms in the area.

Kigali Today Ltd. as a climate change agent
- Kigali Today Ltd.

Kigali Today Ltd. produced 40 articles on climate change as part of this project, in both English and Kinyarwanda, and aired content on its radio station. By focusing on one theme for a three-month period, the news organisation was able to have an impact on informing the public on the importance of climate change and become a reliable source of news on the topic.